Blackmore offers an orienteering activity.  The activity can be downloaded FREE by clicking HERE or can be obtained from the office at a nominal charge.


This is a FREE game.  There are 3 levels, each more difficult than the previous.  Can you identify where each picture was taken?  Download HERE.


Green Frog Pottery is offering Guide, Brownie and Rainbow groups some great creative activities to do when you are visiting the Blackmore Camp Site. You can choose from pottery or mosaics. Our studio is in Barnards Green, Malvern, which is just a few miles from Blackmore.

Our phone number is 01684 561778

Or email us on info@greenfrogpottery.co.uk


Gnome Challenge

We have set up the Blackmore Gnome Challenge to help raise funds for Blackmore Camp site.

There are two challenges for your girls to take part in.

Challenge one is to collect all 23 names of the gnomes placed around the site and wood area.

  • The 1st letter of all the names then goes on to spell something specific to our county.

  • Challenge two is to find the four gnomes with a number on as well as a name, these numbers are the numbers of the Blackmore safe. Unlock the safe to find our Rainbow gnome.

Once your girls have finished either challenge there will be an opportunity to have their picture taken with our RAINBOW GNOME once you have located the Blackmore Safe

If you are not visiting our shop please ask your warden to make the

Rainbow Gnome available for you.

You are able to purchase gnome challenge badges from Blackmore shop or our County Office.

We hope you enjoy the Challenge

Info for Leaders :

Blank answer sheet
Badge Order Form
Location of Gnomes on a grid

Answer sheet for Leaders for both gnome challenges