Click on picture above to have a look at the GirlguidingUK website for ways that you can get involved.

GirlGuiding Inspire is a community for 18-30 year olds designed to be fun, flexible and tailored to you.

All opportunities fit into one of 7 pathways:-



or 2 themes:


You can follow one particular pathway or mix and match to create your own.

We have a new Inspire Co-ordinator from 1st August 2023 – Bethan Bond. Meetings will be held regularly so check out our social media pages where details will be shared. If you have any ideas or questions drop us a message or email us at

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Closed Facebook page – please request to join in you are in the section

Public Facebook pages

Girlguiding Midlands also have  Your Hub’ is the online community for those aged 18-30 in the Midlands on Instagram and Facebook