Want to take your girls away but don’t have a licence?

Talk to your Commissioner but also think about which other leaders/adults would be able to help you. Usually a minimum of 3 adults are needed for a Residential. (All must be DBS checked for Girlguiding).

Complete the Request to Start GAW below to register your interest. Make sure the form is signed/approved by your Commissioner – this can always be a separate email from the Commissioner if need be. The email address to send the form to is on the form

A mentor will be assigned to you and should make contact fairly soon. You will receive an email confirming the Name of your mentor.

A GAW Scheme workbook can be sent to you if you do not already have one.

Training. You will find it easier if you have some previous experience of Residentials before you start, or try to arrange visits to other leaders Residentials if you have not attended one before.

You will need Safe Space levels 1-3 and at least 2 leaders should have First Response or equivalent. All leaders should have a current DBS check and appropriate Safe Space qualifications.

By the time you have worked through the modules and completed as much as you can before the event you should be ready for your assessment.

An overnight qualification can be signed off by your mentor as can any repeat of module 6 for another section. For an event lasting 2 nights or more 2 assessors will visit one of whom is usually your mentor if possible.

Work closely with your mentor who will be able to offer support and answer any of your queries.

Request to Start (GAW) Request Assessment

You will also have to complete a Residential Event Notification form(REN).  This link takes you to the relevant page on the Girlguiding site so that you have the  latest version.  It is available as either a PDF or DOCX version. Instructions are on the form and this needs to be sent to your commissioner at least 12 weeks before the event that you are planning along with your ‘Request for Assessment’ form (above) that needs to be sent to the County Residential Adviser [residential@girlguidingworcs.org.uk].