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Meet the County Advisers

My name is Hannah McGarr from Halesowen Leasowes District in Hagley Division.

I joined guiding as a Rainbow aged 5 and never left. I currently run a Rainbow and a Ranger Unit at 3rd Blackheath St Paul’s.

I am training to become a learning disabilities nurse and have experience of supporting children with additional needs in mainstream schools.

I am committed to helping volunteers to support young members with additional needs.

I am really looking forward to promoting inclusion and diversity in Worcestershire County.

My name is Clair Connop from Hagley Division.

I joined Guiding as a Brownie aged 7 and I was a Brownie, Guide and Ranger. After Rangers I took a break from Guiding but was enticed back when I bumped into an old Guiding friend when both if our daughters were at dancing together, she asked me to come and help at my old Guide unit as the other leader was leaving. That was nearly 20 years ago, and I have loved every minute of being a Guide leader.

Outside of Guiding I am a nurse and a university lecturer teaching student nurses. I have a keen interest in inclusion and diversity amongst our volunteers as I firmly believe that if we have a diverse adult membership then we will be more appealing to a diverse girl membership.


Treating everyone the same.

Everyone is treated the same however the individual in the middle and on the right cannot reach the same things that the person on the left can


Providing personalised support and input based on their individual needs.

Everyone has the support that they need to access the same opportunities

What can you do to ensure you are being inclusive?

  • Talk to individuals / carers about what their needs are
  • Carry out a risk assessment for general meetings and for any events or activities
  • Consider completing a wellbeing action plan
  • Consider completing an adjustment plan
  • Consider if your volunteers need extra training in order to support a member with additional needs
  • Provide support with managing long term health conditions – you may need training from their health care teams
  • Consider what equipment you might need for those with disabilities – often a person with disabilities my have their own equipment but you may need training in its use
  • Ensure that venues are accessible
  • Provide advice on financial support for those from disadvantaged families
  • Rearrange activities or timetables to accommodate important religious or cultural practices
  • Consider if you need to recruit a 1:1 volunteer to support a specific member or if your volunteer may need to be a supported volunteer

What can we do to help you with being inclusive?

  • If required we are happy to talk to individuals / carers about what their needs are
  • We are happy to review risk assessments
  • We are happy to review wellbeing action plans
  • We are happy to review adjustment plans
  • We can signpost to extra training that may be required
  • If we are not familiar with a health condition we can find out about it and support you to be confident in providing the required care
  • We are happy to help you with sourcing training for use of specialist equipment
  • We can signpost to financial support and grant opportunities
  • We will provide support with trying to recruit an appropriate 1:1 volunteer
  • We can assist with completing supported volunteer / volunteer supporter applications

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