Shower Block Fundraising

Shower Block Fundraising2020-11-08T13:01:01+00:00

Girlguiding Worcestershire are raising money to build a shower block on the County camp site at Blackmore.  We would like to thank all the Individuals, Units and Organisations who have helped towards this fundraising effort. 

Thank you to :

  • Blackmore Booster
  • Blackmore Shop
  • Bransford Trust
  • Friends of Blackmore
  • Halesowen Trefoil
  • Mr Owen
  • People who bought Raffle tickets
  • People who attended Party in the Park
  • Roger & Douglas Grant
  • Sands Trust
  • People who attended the Music Evening

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as at 08/11/2020

You can help us to raise more money by :