Residential Forms

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Are you thinking of taking an Outdoor Qualification within the Going Away Scheme?
Please help us to support you better by following the procedure below.

Step 1 You will need to submit the County ‘Request to Start GAW’ Registration Form, below and send it to
Step 2 We will appoint a Local Mentor for you and she will contact you soon after that.
Step 3 Work with your Mentor, she will will guide you through the scheme.

Request to Start (GAW) Request Assessment

You will also have to complete a Residential Event Notification form(REN).  This link takes you to the relevant page on the Girlguiding site so that you have the  latest version.  It is available as either a PDF or DOCX version. Instructions are on the form and this needs to be sent to your commissioner at least 12 weeks before the event that you are planning along with your ‘Request for Assessment’ form (above) that needs to be sent to the County Residential Adviser [].