Guides have an exciting and varied programme designed to inspire and challenge girls from 10-14

What you do in Guides is up to you, from taking part in lots of exciting activities at regular meetings to special events and trips away.

You will choose from different badges and awards which will help you learn new skills and try new challenges. You can do some of this on your own and others you’ll do in groups in your regular unit meetings.

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Finding your nearest unit and registering your interest could not be easier.


Guides can work towards interest badges – about photography, geocaching, human rights and many more, develop life skills with skills builders and work hard to earn unique awards like the Commonwealth award, the Guide Gold award and the six Theme awards. These will really help them at school and later in life:


Whilst you are a Guide, you can become a Rainbow or Brownie helper. You might like to help at the unit you went to or at another nearby unit which needs your help.