Recognition Awards

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There are other higher Girlguiding UK awards e.g. The Silver Fish and The Laurel Award, these have complex criteria and need to be discussed with Commissioners before making a nomination.


  1. Recommendations for all awards should be in consultation with Unit Leaders, District or Division Commissioners. They can be submitted by anyone involved with Girlguiding but must be signed by the Division Commissioner/County Commissioner.

  2. The Young Members Award 2021 form must be received at the County Office no later than 28 February 2021. Recipients (and parents) will be invited to the County Annual Review on Friday 26 March 2021 (which will most likely be a virtual event) and recognised for gaining this award.

  3. All other County/Association recommendations must be completed on the correct Nomination Form for 2021, and may be sent to Worcestershire County Office (for the attention of the Assistant County Commissioner) at any time but must be received by the 31 May 2021.

  4. The Awards Panel will meet to discuss all awards. Forms received after the closing date will be held until

  5. Recipients (and a guest) will be invited to the annual Thanks & Recognition Tea on Sunday 3 October 2021 (depending on the situation at the time) to receive their award and a short citation will be read with each award. Division Commissioners will receive a list of recipients, and also names of any unsuccessful nominees, for their Division.

  6. Nominations for the Midlands Chief Commissioner Award must be on the correct form for 2021 which will be found on the Region website – under Resources

  7. Recipients of the Midlands Chief Commissioner Award will be notified by Region and invited to attend a ceremony at Midlands with the Chief Commissioner.

  8. For more detailed information about how to submit a nomination for either the Midlands Award or the Midlands Merit Award, please contact the Assistant County Commissioner –


  • Maintain confidentiality – the nominee should not know of the application.

  • In what capacity do you know the person and for how long.

  • Describe her personal attributes and what makes her stand out from others, try to give examples and build up her character.

  • Describe her Guiding service – her achievements, roles in which she was/is outstanding with examples.

  • Describe her influence on others – leadership skills, innovative ideas, inspirational work, training skills, supporting adults and girls.

  • What makes her special.

  • Describe any special event or project where she made an outstanding contribution.

  • Any other aspects of her life which are relevant to the award.