Queen’s Guide Award

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The Queen’s Guide Award

This is our new county Queens Guide Adviser – Vicki Forrest.

The picture above shows hew receiving her award and certificate in 2016.

If you click on the picture there is attached the full Q & A session  that she did about taking part in this award – it is very interesting.

Vicki has been the county Queen’s Guide Adviser since January 2020 and she is here to support all participants in Worcestershire County, over the 3-year period it takes to complete the award.

The Queen’s Guide Award is the highest award in Girlguiding and isn’t just a great achievement to share with other members of Girlguiding, but potential employers and further education institutions will also be impressed with this accomplishment. The programme can be matched with activities you are already doing, but also challenge yourself in lots of different ways. It is open to members aged 16 to 25 and must be completed within three years or before your 26th birthday, whichever is sooner.

The award is based on the concepts of personal challenge and participation and is split into five sections:

1. Service in guiding – take an active role in guiding at a range of levels.

2. Outdoor challenge – build your teamwork and leadership skills in a glorious outdoor setting. Where you go and what you do is up to you! 

Vicky did her outdoor challenge in Glasgow

3. Personal skill development – start a new skill and develop it, or take an existing skill to a new level for a minimum of 60 hours over 12 months. A personal skill could be anything from ballet to circus skills, performing magic tricks to playing a musical instrument.

4. Community action – get more involved with the world around you and gain a greater understanding of it through practical and research projects of your choice over a 12 month period.


 Vicky chose to base her research on a local children’s home for autistic children. She raised awareness of the charity, organised numerous fundraising evenings and finally, she abseiled from the National Lift Tower in Northampton (which made her local newspaper!) and raised a total of £1644.07 for the charity.  She also ran in the Black Country Fun Run for charity

5. Residential – spend two nights and three days away from home with new people.


Vicki volunteered at a steam train railway in Wales.  This experience was incredible, and she would recommend this is anyone who fancies a new experience!

As this is the highest award in Girlguiding, don’t rush or take the easiest options.

She would advise you to personally challenge yourself and set yourself goals, because when you collect your award from The House of Commons after 3 years, it will be such a rewarding feeling and you will be so proud of yourself!

She would love to hear from you if you are interested in starting your Queen’s Guide Award or if you would like to ask her any questions about the award. Her email address is QGA@girlguidingworcs.org.uk.

You can find out more about the Queen’s Guide Award by visiting the Girlguiding UK website by clicking on the badge above.

She is looking forward to hearing from you soon!