Residential Team

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Worcestershire Residential Adviser

Sandra Finch

Worcestershire Residential Team Member

Clair McGarr

Worcestershire Residential Team Member

Janice Courtier

Bromsgrove Division Residential Outdoor Adviser

Emma & Michelle

Bromsgrove Division Residential Indoor Adviser

Emma & Michelle

Bromsgrove Division Residential Indoor Adviser

Michelle McDonnell

Droitwich Division Residential Outdoor Adviser


Droitwich Division Residential Indoor Adviser


Evesham Division Residential Outdoor Adviser

Mary King

Evesham Division Residential Indoor Adviser

Alison Double

Hagley Division Residential Outdoor Adviser

Vicki Maddocks

Hagley Division Residential Indoor Adviser

Wendy Donnelly

Kidderminster Division Residential Outdoor Adviser

Jo Bradley

Kidderminster Division Residential Indoor Adviser


  All queries to be sent to Kidderminster Division Outdoor Advisor.

Redditch Division Residential Outdoor Adviser

Sandra Finch

Redditch Division Residential Indoor Adviser

Sandra Finch

Malvern Division Residential Outdoor Adviser

Mary Flynn

Malvern Division Residential Indoor Adviser

Mary Flynn

Severn and Teme Division Residential Outdoor Adviser

Sasha Pearce

Severn and Teme Division Residential Indoor Adviser

Sasha Pearce

Worcester Division Residential Outdoor Adviser

Lesley Hartley

Worcester Division Residential Indoor Adviser

Valda Cane